PHAradox (https://pharadox.com) is a brand of Helian Polymers (https://www.helianpolymers.com), specialized in PHA biopolymer solutions. With strategic partnerships and active material development we are able to offer bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs. PHAradox’ emphasis on innovation and high quality application development make it your ideal partner in a rapidly changing social, environmental and regulatory landscape.

Nature creates the raw materials, we create the perfect blend.

We are a full service partner to consult and develop application solutions with PHA. With PHAradox we at Helian Polymers position ourselves between the raw material suppliers and converters and brand owners. With nearly fifteen years of experience in biopolymers we are uniquely suited to transform its industry and material knowledge into effective application development and help customers to go from idea to product and make the transition from traditional plastics to PHA based solutions.

More information: https://pharadox.com