Info: Bio- and CO2-based Refineries: Renewable Materials Conference 2022, 10-12 May, Cologne and online

60 Speakers from leading companies in bio-based, CO2-based and Recycling confirmed their participation – final program already available ++ already 160 participants from 18 countries registered –  more than 400 expected.

The answer to your hunt for renewable materials: The Renewable Materials Conference, 10 - 12 May 2022, Cologne, Germany (hybrid event). The unique concept of presenting all renewable material solutions at one event hits the mark: bio-based, CO2-based and recycled are the only available alternatives to fossil-based chemicals and materials.

The first session of the conference is already getting into full swing: What new process routes and new molecules are opening up new, sustainable chemistry? Leading pioneers from Italy, Estonia, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands and the USA will show what can already be done with biomass and CO2 in chemistry today.

See for yourself the speakers of the first session:

Bart van den Bosch
Avantium  (NL)
Electrochemical CO2 Reduction to Formic Acid in the Heart of an Urban Biorefinery
Stefano Facco
Novamont (IT/FI)
The Vertical Integration of Biorefineries
Barbara Gall
UPM Biochemicals (DE/FI)
Novel Solutions For More Sustainable Elastomers and Thermoplastic Materials
Babette Pettersen
LanzaTech (US/BE)
A New CarbonSmart™ Future
Peep Pitk
Fibenol (EE)
Wood to Sugars, Lignin and Unique Microcrystalline Cellulose Industrial Scale-up
Manuel Clauss
Fibers365 (DE)
Fibers365 – Truly Carbon Negative Virgin Fibers and Bio-Based Chemicals from Annual Plants
Svetlana Obydenkova
Maastricht University (NL)
Environmental and Economic Perspectives of the Novel Lignin Valorisation Route – Lignin First Biorefinery Concept


Innovation AwardRenewable Material of the Year 2022

The Innovation AwardRenewable Material of the Year 2022” is sponsored by Covestro (Germany). The award winners will be chosen by the conference participants online on the second day of the conference. The nominees will be published soon.
In 2022, nova-Institute will host the conference physically in the heart of Germany's fourth largest city, Cologne, just a few hours away from France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Expected are more than 400 participants on-site and many more online. On-site, the conference will be accompanied by a large exhibition where companies and institutes can showcase their recent developments. The supporting program, networking activities and many secluded spots at the location offers excellent opportunities to make new business contacts and refresh old ones.

Final Program

Please find the final program here: https://www.renewable-materials.eu/program

Register soon for on-site participation

Large number of participants expected on-site. Of course, online participation is also possible. However, the focus will clearly be on "on site“. https://www.renewable-materials.eu/registration

List of participants: https://renewable-materials.eu/participant-list

Many thanks to our sponsors: The nova-Institute would like to thank the Innovation Award Sponsor Covestro (DE) and the Premium Partner CLIB (DE). Many thanks also to all Gold Sponsors Alfalaval (SE), Avantium (NL), IFF (US), Neste (FI), UPM Biochemicals (FI), Sorona (NL) and Sugar Energy (CN), the Silver Sponsors FKUR (DE), Renolit (DE) and Suncoal (DE) and last but not least the Bronze Sponsor Cargill (US).

Sponsoring Opportunities

You are interested in sponsoring? Find all information here to get one of the limited spots: https://www.renewable-materials.eu/sponsoring


Exhibition booths soon all booked up. The last booths are reserved for potential silver and bronze sponsors. Please contact Mr. Guido Mueller: +49 (0)151 41 42 30 19


All questions about the conference will be answered by Mr. Dominik Vogt.


Your nova team