The Renewable Materials Conference 2023

The brightest stars of Renewable Materials meet in Siegburg/Cologne (Germany), 23-25 May 2023

The unique concept of presenting all renewable material solutions at one event hits the mark: bio-based, CO2-based and recycled are the only alternatives to fossil-based chemicals and materials.

Consequences of climate change and fossil resource dependency have become critically evident this year.

The world is urgently searching for chemicals and materials based on renewable carbon sources – to replace fossil carbon from the ground. Ready-to-use fossil-free sustainable material solutions with a low carbon footprint are in fast-growing demand. Innovative brand owners are keeping an eye out for such solutions, in particular those that will soon reach the mainstream.

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Numerous market highlights from bio- and CO2-based chemicals and materials, as well as from chemical recycling will be presented: All material solutions based on renewable carbon. Together, there is sufficient potential to completely replace petrochemicals by 2050. To tackle climate change at its roots, all additional fossil carbon from the ground must be substituted with renewable alternatives. Over the course of three days, participants will get a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the renewable material sector, with a focus on industry-ready solutions from a wide spectrum of sustainable raw materials and technologies.

The Renewable Materials conference 2023 will bring together leading producers, brands, experts and other stakeholders, like policy-makers, to share recent updates, highlights and to discuss the future of materials in our world. In its first two iterations, the conference had over 400 participants in each of the previous years.
In 2023, 500 participants and 30 premium exhibitors are expected at a new, larger location in Siegburg, close to Cologne (Germany). Siegburg is centrally located in western Germany, just a few hours away from France, Belgium and the Netherlands and is easy to reach for international participants. With a large car park nearby and good connections to the Frankfurt, Cologne and Düsseldorf airports via the German highspeed railway system.

Over three days, many innovative renewable materials options – based on biomass, CO2 and recycling – will be presented in over 60 presentations by prominent companies and discussed in 14 panel discussions. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking, getting to know each other and exchanging ideas both during the day and in the evening events (Dinner buffet, German pub / beer garden). The new location and exhibition offer excellent opportunities to make new business contacts and refresh old ones. Above all, the conference will provide fertile ground for cooperation along the value chain to accelerate developments and market launches.

Call for Innovation

Want to your innovation at the conference? You are welcome to present your latest innovations.

Topics of the conference

1st day, 23 May: Bio- and CO2-based Refineries
1st day, 23 May: Chemical Industry, New Refinery Concepts & Chemical Recycling
2nd day, 24 May: Renewable Chemicals and Building-Blocks
2nd day, 24 May: Renewable Polymers and Plastics – Technology and Markets
2nd day, 24 May: Innovation Award „Renewable Material of the Year 2023″
2nd day, 24 May: Fine Chemicals (Parallel Session)
3rd day, 25 May: Latest nova Research
3rd day, 25 May: The Policy & Brands View on Renewable Materials
3rd day, 25 May: Biodegradation
3rd day, 25 May: Renewable Plastics and Composites

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