Preliminary Program of the Renewable Materials Conference – call for abstracts is still open

Policy & Markets

  • Hans Rovers, New Normal Consulting (CH): The Future of the European Petrochemical Industry
  • Martin Clemesha, Braskem Netherlands (NL): The Need of Harmonised Policies for Biofuels and Biomaterials
  • Christopher vom Berg, nova-Institute / RCI (DE): Work and Impact of the Renewable Carbon Initiative
  • Michael Carus, nova-Institute / RCI (DE): Evaluation of Future Scenarios for the Chemical Industry  in Competition to Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Circular Economy & Renewable Carbon

  • Reinhold Lang, Johannes Kepler University Linz / Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing (AT): Perspectives for an ‘All-Circular’ Plastics & Carbon Economy – CO2 as Renewable Feedstock & New Industrial Commodity
  • Mathias Kaldenhoff, SAP (DE): From Design to Reverse – a Digital 360° View On Supply Chain
  • Dominik Mueller, UPM Biorefining (DE/FI): Working Towards a Net Zero Circular Economy for the Fashion and Sporting Goods Industry
  • Patrick Gloeckner, Evonik Operations (DE): Collaboration now! Towards a Circular Economy
  • Titta Rosvall-Puplett, SYENSQO (BE): Accelerating SYENSQO’s Sustainable Renewable Carbon Strategy
  • Jacco van Haveren, Wageningen Food and Biobased Research (NL): Circular Design of Coatings and Composites

Building Blocks & Polymers

Bio-based World

  • Doris De Guzman, Green D Market Analytics (US): Renewable Chemicals 2024: Bio-Manufacturing Build-Up
  • Pia Skoczinski, nova-Institute (DE): Market Update on Bio-based Polymers: Global Capacities, Production and Trends 2023-2028
  • Robert Lazeroms, Royal Cosun (NL): Galactaric Acid as a Platform Molecule Based on Sugar Beet Pulp
  • Andreas Kohl, Verbio SE (DE): How Can Existing Renewable Streams of Molecules be Utilized by the Chemical Industry? Existing Biorefineries and Their Extension – An Update on the VerbioChem Project
  • Lars Knutstad, Genomatica (US): Geno BDO – Market Conditions Strengthen Low Carbon Technologies
  • Thomas Vössing, Covestro (DE): Bio-based Aniline: Scale-up of a Sustainable Innovative Route to a Strategic Raw Material
  • Joris Vermunt, Corbion (NL): Lactic Acid Solutions for a More Sustainable Future
  • Daniel Zehm, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP (DE): Next Generation Bio-Based Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomers Based on FDCA
  • Maarten Rubens, VITO (BE): Lignin Depolymerization and Upgrading Towards Sustainable Acrylic Based Materials
  • Gillian Tweedle, Stripe Consulting (BE): Algae-based Polymers
  • Katrin Eckhardt, amynova polymers (DE): Making the Switch from Fossil- to Bio-based Film-Formers and Rheology Additives

Bio-based China

  • Ann Zhang, nova-Institute (CN/DE): The Progress and Insights of China’s Bio-based Polymer Market
  • Bernhard Urwyler, Zhejiang Sugar Energy Technology & Urwyler ChemPro (CN): What Can we Learn from China to Accelerate the Industrialisation of Bio-based Building Blocks?
  • John Zhang, Zhongke Guosheng Technology (CN): Market Applications of Bio-Based Furan Materials

CCU World

  • Keith Wiggins, Econic Technologies (UK): From Car Seats to Cleaning Products: Key Learnings From commercialisation of a CO2 Utilisation Technology
  • Alastair Sanderson, Unilever (UK): Flue2Chem: Is CCU working?

Consumer, Brand View and Certificates

  • Philippe Dewolfs, TÜV Austria (BE): Launch of the OK Renewable Carbon Share Certification Scheme
  • Erica Ording, FrieslandCampina (NL): A Brand Owner’s Perspective: Barriers & Opportunities for Bio-Based Materials
  • Patrick Van Waes, CovationBio|PDO (BE/US): Consumer Acceptance of Bio-based Materials is key to the Shift to a Circular Bioeconomy. A USA Footwear Consumer Research Case Provides More Insights

Fine Chemicals & Functional Applications

  • Eric Brouwer, Cargill Bioindustrial (NL): Bio-Based Solutions for High-Performance Coatings and Adhesives
  • Adrian Brandt, Henkel (DE): Progress and Challenges on the Transition Toward Renewable Carbon at Henkel Adhesive Technologies
  • Saugata Nad, Dow (BE/US): Defining Future of Cleaning in Home Care- New Surfactants Enabling Lower Carbon Footprint of Cleaning Products
  • Christian Lenges, IFF (US): Sustainable Solutions that Transform Consumers’ Lives and Experiences: Material Innovation, Designed Enzymatic Biomaterials Examples
  • Thomas Lüder, Beckers-Group (DE): Sustainable Raw Materials for the Coatings Industry – Opportunities from Segregated Supply Chains Versus Mass Balancing
  • Florian Diehl, UPM Biochemicals (DE/FI): UPM BioMotion Renewable Functional Fillers (RFF): A New and Innovative Material Class Designed to Increase Sustainability of Rubber and Plastic End-use Applications
  • José Barbosa, CeNTI – Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials (PT): Blue Economy Synergy: Transforming Marine Resources into Sustainable Fashion Solutions

Mechanical, Physical and Chemical Recycling

  • Constance Ißbrücker, DIN CERTCO (DE): A Certifier’s Perspective on Material Recyclability
  • Dimitri Daniels, GreenDot (DE): Advanced Recycling of Mixed Plastic Waste: the Future Lies in Intelligent Combination of Processes
  • Valentijn de Neve, BlueAlp Production (NL): Accelerating Plastic Recycling
  • Matthias Wilhelm, Lober (DE): Alternative Waste Streams – Tackling Unused Waste Streams by Dissolution Recycling and Dedicated Sorting
  • Florian Riedl, APK (DE): Decolorised LDPE Recyclates from Post-Consumer Household Waste via the Solvent-Based Newcycling Technology
  • Mathias Kirstein, RITTEC 8.0 Umwelttechnik (DE): Meeting Product Quality and Sustainability Targets in PET/Polyester Applications Using Back-to-Monomer Recycling
  • Niels Jan Schenk, BioBTX (NL): Chemical Recycling of Hard to Recycle Mixed Waste Plastics
  • Roy Visser, Avantium Renewable Polymers (NL): Recycling Opportunities for PEF
  • Dhivya Puri, Fiberight Ltd (UK): The Renewable Material Refinery From Waste
  • René Bethmann, VAUDE Sport (DE): Beyond Bottles: The Polyester Journey into Sustainable Feedstocks and Future Market Trends
  • Lars Krause, nova-Institute (DE): Update on Global Capacities for Advanced Recycling
  • Ivana Krkljus, BASF (DE): How to Enable Business and Climate Benefits While Going Circular?

Sustainability & Carbon Footprint

  • Daniel Bochnitschek, AllocNow (DE): Transparency at Scale: Automating Lifecycle Assessments in the Chemical Industry
  • Verena Koch and Pauline Ruiz, Peter Greven & nova-Institute (DE): Bio-Based Oleochemicals Used as Lubricant Additives – Renewable Counterparts to Fossil-based Products and Comparative LCA
  • Jan Harm Urbanus, TNO (NL): Pathways to sustainable plastics – A Comparative Analysis of Bio- and CO2-based Feedstocks for Virgin Sustainable Plastics Production in Function of Application
  • Kathleen Meisel, DBFZ (DE): Sustainable Chemistry: Life Cycle Assessment of High-Demand Biopolymers for Petrochemical Substitution
  • Asta Partanen, nova-Institute (DE): Biomass Certification – a Solid Basis for Reliable Sustainability Claims

Biodegradable Solutions

  • Andreas Künkel, BASF (DE): Polymer Biodegradability 2.0: A Holistic View on Polymer Biodegradation in Natural and Engineered Environments


  • Lara Dammer and Michael Carus, nova-Institute (DE): Food- and Feed Biomass for the Industry – Conflicts with Food Security?
  • Miriam Weber & Christian Lott, HYDRA Marine Sciences (DE): “The Path Through the Jungle to Realise the Potential of Biodegradable Plastic in the Environment”.
    Presentation and Poster: “Tool to combine needed material properties and reduction in accumulation in the environment” and “Environmental biodegradation performance of plastic polymers in the open environment – Towards a catalogue of biodegradable materials in relevant conditions”
  • Rick Passenier, GO!PHA (NL): Unlocking the Circular Potential: Exploring the Recyclability of Biopolymers, Focus: PHA
    Jan Pels, TORWASH (NL): Chemical Recycling of PLA/PHA Composites by TORWASHKim Ragaert, Maastricht University (NL): Chair of Circular PlasticsLaurens Welles, Renewi (NL): Organic Recycling Through Biorefinery