Bioeconomy For Change (B4C)

Bioeconomy For Change – B4C is the leading Bioeconomy Cluster, recognised across Europe and internationally. Gathering key players in the bioeconomy, the Cluster is built around a circular, efficient and resilient bioeconomy model, which aims to reduce inputs at all levels through the optimisation of resources and their use in successive cycles. B4C supports a model where agriculture and industry are closely linked, and where food and industrial uses of biomass resources coexist and complement each other. The B4C Cluster’s vision of the bioeconomy is firmly rooted in local regions and contributes to the development of economic value and jobs, by adding value to local resources and developing innovative and effective solutions to meet the needs of consumers.


19, 20, 21 March, 2024 at Reims, France,

BIOKET is an annual global conference fully dedicated to the bioeconomy sector that promote processes, technologies and innovations applied to biomass valorization to produce high added value products in the most diverse sectors of the economy. BIOKET is an opportunity to connect, exchange and build sustainable businesses and partnerships worldwide.