Latest Overview of Workshops

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Companies, associations, Institutes and NGOs are eligible to book extra rooms in order to hold workshops or special business meetings.
Rooms can be booked for 1.5 hours, the rate is 980 EUR (excl. 19% VAT). Workshops will be promoted by nova-Institute in advance to the event. Room availability by the hour is based on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in booking a workshop room, please contact Michael Carus.

11 June, Day 1, Workshops

12:30 (CET)
Room 1: Christopher vom Berg, nova-Institute/RCI (DE): Presentation and Discussion of Instruments and Measures to Help Achieve Relevant Levels of Renewable Carbon in Chemicals and Materials in the EU within a Relatively Short Period of Time.

15:00 (CET)
Room 1: Nils Freiberg, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (DE), Lara Dammer, nova-Institute (DE): Status of the German National Biomass Strategy – Towards Climate Action and Sustainable Value Creation – more information here

16:40 (CET)
Small Hall: Algreit Dume and Maarit Nyman, DG Grow, European Commission (EU): Workshop on the Transition Pathway for the Chemical Industry

18:00 – 19:15 (CET)
Small Hall: Panel Discussion with Ivana Krkljuš, BASF (DE) and five panelists: René Backes, DBFZ (DE), Raoul Meys, carbonminds (DE), Christian Krüger, BASF (DE), Alastair Sanderson, Unilever (UK) and René Bethmann, Vaude (DE): How to accelerate the market penetration of LowPCF products? more information here and here.

12 June, Day 2, Workshops

11:00 (CET)
Room 1: Lara Dammer and Michael Carus, nova-Institute (DE): Food- and Feed Biomass for the Industry – Conflicts with Food Security? More informartion here
Room 2: Gillian Tweddle, Stripe Consulting (BE): Alternative Naphtha – replacing fossil based feedstocks for refineries and naphtha crackers

13:00 (CET)
Room 1: Dušica Banduka, Stefanie Fulda and Guido Müller, nova-Institute (DE): Get your message through: How to support your business with nova´s communications tools and expertise – more information here.
Room 2: Michael Carus & project team, nova-Institute/RCI (DE)RCI/BIC Project on Global and European Availability of Biomass from Agriculture and Forestry in 2050

13 June, Day 3, Workshops

11:00 (CET)
Room 1: Olaf Porc, nova-Institute (DE), Marisa Groenestege, BTG (NL), Myrna van Leeuwen, WECR (NL): The Role of Certification in Global Trade Flows in Bio-based Value Chains – more information here.

13:00 (CET)
Room 1: Chairperson: Christopher vom Berg, nova-Institute (DE)
Mauro Cordella, DG Env, European Commission (EU), Matthias Stratmann and Ángel Puente, nova-Institute (DE): Workshop on LCA Methodology for Bio-based, CCU and Recycling – more information here.
Room 2: Miriam Weber & Christian Lott, Hydra Marine Sciences (DE): The Science behind Biodegradation – Implications for Testing, Certification, Policy, and Communication – more information here.

Overview of the Workshop Rooms