The poster session will take place at the 1st floor (booths 35 and 36) during the beer on tap session on the 1st day (18:30 CET) and during the lunch break of the 2nd daystarting at 13:00 (CET).

Apeiron Synthesis S.A. (PL), Cengiz Azap
Novel Highly Efficient Catalysts for Ethenolysis

Fraunhofer CBP (DE), Junghans, Ulrike
Isolation of Lauric Acid from the Maggot Fat of Black Soldier Fly

hte GmbH – the high throughput experimentation company (DE), Stehle, Matthias
Conversion of bio-based Levulinic acid to Pyrrolidones: High Throughput Screening and Reaction Network Analysis

HYDRA Marine Sciences GmbH (DE), Weber, Miriam
Environmental biodegradation performance of plastic polymers in the open environment – Towards a catalogue of biodegradable materials in relevant conditions

PALOTA Környezetvédelmi Kft. (Palota Environmental Protection Ltd) (HU), Koranyi, Tamas
Use of waste tire pyrolysis oils for the production of special oil products

ReBIOlution (EU)

ReBIOlution, Kai Siegenthaler / BASF Group Research (DE) – Team Lead Research Biopolymers, Miriam Weber / HYDRA Marine Sciences GmbH (DE)
Novel biodegradable, recyclable, bio-based and safe plastics with enhanced circular properties for food packaging and agricultural applications

Lignin Polyols For Polyurethane Coatings

Universiteit van Amsterdam (NL), Kenbeek, Anna
From cotton waste-derived platform chemical 5-(chloromethyl)furfural to monomer for bio-based plastic

University of Amsterdam (NL), McLuskie, Angus
Scaling up PLGA-Type Polymers from CO2– and Bio-Based Monomers

University of Aveiro (PT), Santos, Jéssica D. C.
Repurposing potato starch-rich effluents and pine nut peel for bioplastic footwear

UvA (NL), Blom, Marian
2,3-Butanediol based polyesters