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Renewable Materials Conference 2022

10-12 May, Cologne and online ++ 60 Speakers from leading companies in bio-based, CO2-based and Recycling confirmed their participation – final program available ++ already 225 participants from 21 countries registered –  more than 400 expected ++ Last six booths  to book!

Fine chemicals often determine performance, durability, taste and feel of a product. Thus, the industry needs a great variety of fine chemicals and additives for different applications. Sustainability and a low climate impact play an increasingly important role also for these compounds.
Here, bio-based fine chemicals and biotechnological processes not only offer sustainable alternatives but also open up completely new functionalities. Thus, we are again dedicating a full session of the conference to this topic. Our partner CLIB will host the session leading you through talks from international academic and industrial partners, offering innovative solutions for renewable fine chemicals.

The answer to your hunt for renewable materials: The Renewable Materials Conference, 10 - 12 May 2022, Cologne, Germany (hybrid event). The unique concept of presenting all renewable material solutions at one event hits the mark: bio-based, CO2-based and recycled are the only available alternatives to fossil-based chemicals and materials.

Here is the list of speakers of the sesssion "Fine Chemicals" (2nd day, 11 May):


Sarah Refai & Dennis Herzberg
CLIB-Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie (DE)
Jaime Gracia Vitoria
Lignin Based Materials from Small Scale to Industrial Formulations
Maud Reiter & Hazel Ustundag George
Firmenich (CH)
From Pine to Perfume
Rosasilvia Raggio
Borregaard (NO)
Fibrillated Cellulose as Stabilising Agent in Household, Industrial, and Institutional Product Systems
Thomas Farmer
University of York (UK)
Sustainable Functional Circular Polyesters from Biomass
Rahul Dagwar & Robert Lazeroms
Cosun Beet Company (NL)
Sugar Beet as a Sustainable Source of Inspiration for Innovation in Bio-based Chemicals and Materials – Galactaric Acid a Novel Bio-based Corrosion Inhibitor Based on Sugar Beet Pulp
Francesco Montecchio
Alfa Laval Technologies (SE)
High-speed Separation for PHA Production Process: Higher Yield and Power Savings
Jens Bitzer
Lanxess / IMD Natural Solutions (DE)
Natural Glycolipids as Novel Preservative for Beverages and Food
Jan-Hendrik Kamlage
Center for Environmental Management, Resources and Energy (CURE) at Ruhr-University Bochum (DE)

Julia Reinermann
University Hagen (DE)
Prospects and Limits of High Performance Bio-based Ingredients in Products of Sustainable Consumption
Math Lambalk
Avantium (NL)

Marilia Foukaraki
Cosun Beet Company (NL)
From Cosun Beets to Ray Glycols: the Road to Commercialisation
Guillaume Boissonnat-Wu
New Bio-based Building Blocks for the Production of Sustainable Dyes, Pigments and Chemicals
Dirk Leinweber
Clariant (CH)
Surfactants Sustainability Transformation – Drop Ins and Novel Molecular Solutions


Innovation AwardRenewable Material of the Year 2022” - six innovations are nominated!

The innovation awardRenewable Material of the Year 2022” is sponsored by Covestro (Germany).

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