Alfa Laval in renewable carbon

We can help you to fast-track your sustainable scale-up!

Alfa Laval is a leading provider of first-rate products in heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling technology all over the world. With almost a century of experience in so many industries, we firmly believe that our experience brings true value in the development of new renewable and recycling processes.

We can help you optimize your renewable process by efficient feed-stock pretreatment, accurate temperature control in your fermenter/ reactor/ column, energy integration throughout the entire process and, most important of all, we help you recover product in down-stream separation and secondary recovery.

Our focus is to help you to reach:

  • High product recovery
  • High product purity
  • Low energy and water use

The past few years have taught us many things, but perhaps the most important lesson we have learnt is that change is the only constant in our world. Alfa Laval is positioned to play an essential role in transforming the fossil economy and continually adaption on the road to a sustainable and defossilized alternative.


Example of industries where we can support:

  • Fermentation to chemicals and plastics
  • Pyrolysis of tires/ mixed plastic waste/ biomass
  • Thermochemical conversion of sugar/ oil
  • HVO pretreatment and conversion to fuels and chemicals
  • Alcohol-to-jet/ alcohol-to-liquid

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