Renewable Materials: Ten Workshops for In-Depth Information and Lively Discussions

Renewable Materials Conference 2024, 11 - 13 June, Siegburg near Cologne/Bonn

Final Program ++ Workshops ++ 170 participants from 18 countries already registered ++ 500-600 participants expected

In addition to the 80 presentations, the workshops are an essential part of the conference for in-depth information and lively discussions. The workshops cover a wide range of topics: Policy frameworks for renewable carbon, the future of the chemical industry and the bioeconomy, alternative naphtha, marketing strategies for renewable products, availability of biomass from agriculture and forestry, food security, biodegradation, LCA methodology and communication. Discuss with leading experts in daylight, high quality workshop rooms. See all workshops below. If your association or company would like to run its own workshop, this is still possible, all information is available here.

"The Renewable Materials Conference (RMC) serves as a vital platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange in the renewable materials sector," says Michael Carus, CEO nova-Institute, and organiser of the RMC. "Our comprehensive approach covers the entire value chain, from alternative carbon feedstocks, the chemical industry, the materials sector, product manufacturers to brand owners and investors, making the RMC the ultimate platform for networking and partnering in the new renewable carbon economy.“

Workshop Overview

11 June, Day 1

12:30 (CET)
Room 1: Christopher vom Berg, nova-Institute/RCI (DE): Presentation and Discussion of Instruments and Measures to Help Achieve Relevant Levels of Renewable Carbon in Chemicals and Materials in the EU within a Relatively Short Period of Time.

15:00 (CET)
Room 1: Nils Freiberg, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (DE), Lara Dammer, nova-Institute (DE): Status of the German National Biomass Strategy – Towards Climate Action and Sustainable Value Creation

16:30 (CET)
Standard Hall: Algreit Dume and Maarit Nyman, DG Grow, European Commission (EU): Workshop on the Transition Pathway for the Chemical Industry

18:00 – 19:15 (CET)
Standard Hall: Panel Discussion with Ivana Krkljuš, BASF (DE) and five panelists: René Backes, DBFZ (DE), Raoul Meys, carbonminds (DE), Christian Krüger, BASF (DE), Alastair Sanderson, Unilever (UK) and René Bethmann, Vaude (DE): How to accelerate the market penetration of LowPCF products?

12 June, Day 2

11:00 (CET)
Room 1: Lara Dammer and Michael Carus, nova-Institute (DE): Food- and Feed Biomass for the Industry – Conflicts with Food Security?
Room 2: Gillian Tweddle, Stripe Consulting (BE): Alternative Naphtha – replacing fossil based feedstocks for refineries and naphtha crackers

13:00 (CET)
Room 1: Stefanie Fulda, nova-Institute (DE): Get your message through: How to support your business with nova´s communications tools and expertise
Room 2: Michael Carus & project team, nova-Institute/RCI (DE): RCI/BIC Project on Global and European Availability of Biomass from Agriculture and Forestry in 2050

13 June, Day 3

11:00 (CET)
Room 1: Asta Partanen, Olaf Porc, nova-Institute (DE): Workshop on the global trade flows of bio-based value chains and the role of certification in this context – more information here

13:00 (CET)
Room 1: Miriam Weber & Christian Lott, Hydra Marine Sciences (DE): The Science behind Biodegradation – Implications for Testing, Certification, Policy, and Communication

Room 2: Chairperson: Christopher vom Berg, nova-Institute (DE)
Mauro Cordella, DG Env, European Commission (EU), Matthias Stratmann and Ferdinand Kähler, nova-Institute (DE): Workshop on LCA Methodology for Bio-based, CCU and Recycling

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